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Welcome. You have come to this portal at a very interesting time in the Earth's history. The ongoing global crisis has created intense longing in humanity for a shift in the way humans relate to each other, and to the Earth. Whatever the validity of the various beliefs about this time... (and there are many to shoose from), what is absolutely essential is that we utilise this opportunity of global concern to co-create the world's first truly sustainable and compassionate society.

There are no other viable options - the human heart and mind must evolve to meet the responsibilities of our virtually miraculous new technologies... or very soon we will deliberately or accidentally use them to destroy ourselves and all that we have cherished. We must take a quantum leap beyond the nightmare of our history and awaken to a new way of being human. This cannot be accomplished by technological means, but only by a mass personal transformation that will be reflected in the form of our planetary society. Only this can restore harmony between us and harmony with the sacred and always sustainable processes of nature.


It has been said that the language of the angels is geometries of light, and certainly it is a common experience for those who work with sacred geometry that spiritual information is being received. Sacred Geometry is a major focus of the work that the Bird Tribes have given the creator of this website. Over the last decades we have created a range of tools for personal and planetary transformation.

These tools include the website with its forum at, and the Universe's most fabulous sacred geometry shop at  Here you will find our extensive range of 3D printed geometries in a variety of materials and sizes, for use as jewelry, altar pieces, and teaching aids. We have also created a range of clothing with sacred geometry inspired designs,  and artworks on posters and cards etc.

To understand what sacred geometry is, and how it subtly but profoundly effects human consciousness, we invite you to check out our lavishly illustrated book 'Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life - a Higher Dimensional Perspective on an Ancient Wisdom Stream' which you can read for free online at

Take a deep breath

The animation above is
the BirdTribe's 'Flag of Peace'
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The Bird Tribes are returning

hypercube animation

Above is one form of what is known as a Tesseract or Hypercube. It is a representation of a
3 dimensional projection or 'shadow'
of a 4 dimensional geometry rotating.
Below is another particularly symetrical shadow
of the same Hypercube that we call
the 'TImeTraveller' and we make it available as a handmade gold plated geometry in the
Our Sacred Geometry Emporium.


The TimeTraveller is offered as a perfect geometrical symbol for the new consciousness that is awakening.
Contemplating its structure forms a mental hologram with strongly implied fourth dimensional logic and this tends to awaken the higher mind centres and accelerate the unfolding of the perfect blueprint of ones unique nature.

A Sacred Space ~
In arriving at this website you have entered an extensive Cyber-Temple on the Rainbow Bridge. This Temple contains spiritual treasures gathered from the worlds wisdom traditions and woven into new forms appropriate for these tumultuous times. Whatever your level of awareness now - in wandering these halls you may encounter images or words or beings that illuminate your path to a deeper understanding of the universe.
Please utilise this opportunity. Invest the time and energy neccessary to discover all that you are being offered here.

The Bird Tribes site explores Themes such as ~
Peace Gentleness, Nonviolence
, Beauty and Art , Sacred Geometry, Philosophy, Science,
Wholeness, Ecology, Sustainability and Gaia , Truth, Communication, Sanity, Connection, Awareness, Health, Leadership, Multi-culturality, Unity, Love, Happiness, Abundance, Native Wisdom & much more.

Who are the Bird Tribes? ~
If you read our Who Are the Bird Tribes page and the other pages linked below you will have more information to be able to come to your own conclusions about the BirdTribes - but it is not possible to understand our true nature unless you first understand your own - and most likely you are... not exactly... what you believe yourself to be ...

Essential Pages for those who require explanation ~
Who are the Bird Tribes?
Sacred Geometry
About the book 'Return of the Bird Tribes' by Ken Carey
The Rainbow Warriors and Bird Tribes Connection

Important Messages for these Interesting Times ~
Messengers', these are two of our most important transmissions ...
1) Humans must learn to live by the Great Law of Peace again - for if you do not learn to live in harmony with the whole then you will destroy yourselves.
2) It is up to the Artists and Musicians as weavers of new harmonies to bring through visions that can guide humans on the Beauty path that leads to a sustainable and compassionate society.

You know this... yet it is remarkable how rarely you being it into your consciousness.

Sacred Geometry
Our websites uses the superliminal spiritual powers of Sacred Geometrical Artworks to awaken the human spirit from its thousands of years of sleep. The popularisation of Sacred Geometry on the world wide web is one way in which we seek to facilitate the conscious evolution of humanity.

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We give thanks to the Native Americans who have kept the knowledge of the Bird Tribes and the Beauty Way alive through the centuries of oppression! We give thanks to the author of the book 'Return of the Bird Tribes' who inspired so many with his beautiful retelling of the eternal truths that were shared with him by intelligences that some would call Angels.
Firebird Gold
We give thanks for the privelige of access to the amazing magical technologies of the computer and the internet by which we may transmit our understandings in frequencies of colour and sound. We give thanks for the Inspiration and Energy needed to weave this vision through the fabric of Time as it unfurls. We give thanks for the incredible gift of life!

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Firebird's Welcome Message
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