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'Sacred Geometry' is the study of the fundamental geometrical forms of spacetime
to reveal the secrets of both physical and spiritual reality.
It is an exploration into the source of Beauty and Energy and Intelligence.

It is a key to good Science, a light on the Mystical Path, and secret of great Art.

rtists, scientists, and mystics have always had a fascination with patterns -
symmetry, asymmetry, and the complexity that can arise
from placing the simplest forms and/or processes in relationship with each other.
Esoteric traditions from many cultures have shared this interest in simple
geometrical or mathematical patterns.
Probably the most influential of these was the Pythagorean school in ancient Greece
from whose insights we learned the basis of much of western geometry and music theory.
Music is one of the most Geometrical of the arts, though the fundamental forms appear
at all levels of the fractal infinity of existance.

Here is a revealing quote from a Roman statesman and philosopher Cicero
in the century before the beginning of the Christian era.
"By them (the Greeks) Geometry was held in the very highest honour,
and none were more illustrious than mathemeticians.
But we (Romans) have limited the practice of this art
to its usefulness in measurement and calculation."

For most people, an interest in Sacred Geometry begins with becoming familiar with a number of simple forms - shapes that science is slowly discovering provide the building blocks for the whole edifice of existence. (If the Creator is an Architect then these are the Crystal stones with which the Heavenly City is built.) Some of the more important forms are:
the sine wave, circle, the vesica pisces, the 5 platonic solids, the torus (donut), the golden mean spiral, and the
tesserac (4 dimensional cube).

Any complex structure in time or space, such as - the periodic table of the elements, the laws of musical harmony, biological molecules, or even the apparently random fluctuations of the stockmarket - will inevitably be found to be based on, and arise from, the interaction of simple patterns such as these.

Here is a quote from the most famous of the Greek philosophers - Plato (circa 500 BC)
"You amuse me, I said, with your obvious fear that the public will disapprove if the subjects you prescribe don't seem useful. But it is in fact no easy matter, but very difficult for people to believe that there is a faculty in the mind of each of us which these studies purify and rekindle after it has been ruined and blinded by other pursuits, though it is more worth preserving than any eye since it is the only organ by which we perceive the truth. Those who agree with us will give your proposals unqualified approval, but those who are quite unaware of it will probably think you are talking nonsense, as they won't see what other benefit is to be expected from such studies"

~ Star Mother Kit ~

We are very pleased to include on our site a way for you to begin familiarising yourself with many of these fundamental forms. We have for you the Heart Coherence team's StarMotherKit interactive 3d animations for you to play with. It is quite a Beautiful little creation. You can grab each model with your mouse and turn it around to get to know it more intimately.
This is a great way to familiarise yourself with the 5 platonic solids as well as many advanced shapes.
Click the illustration below to open the kit in a new window.

Heart Coherence Teams Star Mother kit


~ An Exotic Fracal Zoom ~

Fractals, those beautiful computer generated pictures of a vast variety of organic and bizarre forms, are also generated from remarkably simple rules and repetitive processes.

From the Macrocosmic (click here for a great site about the solar system's geometry) to the Microcosmic the same patterns are ubiquitous, and since 'size' is a totally relative measurement the scale independence of these patterns is reassuring.

Even the meaning of words, and the insights and emotions that they evoke,
is a function of subtle geometric patterns of sound and electricity.
The sound and shape of each letter, no matter what language is used,
must still conform to universal laws arising from the properties of space-time/body-mind.

~ Contemplating Infinity ~

This wonderful animation to the right is the deepest journey into the mandelbrot fractal that has ever been recorded ! Its well worth downloading the high resolution version to play full screen from the link below.
If you think of this movie as expanding the original fractal then approximately two thirds of the way through the movie the original image will be as large as the known universe. Alternatively - if you think of it as zooming in to smaller and smaller areas then the final image will be trillions of times smaller than the smallest subatomic particles. Oh and since the movie begins on the main left right axis - the final image will be located within a gadzillionth of a millimetre of that axis.

This movie was made by The Ultimate Fractal Video Project and required a specially made computer system dedicated for nearly 4 years to calculating each frame of the movie in sequence. It may be a long time before this is surpassed, but theoretically there is no end to the complexity of the mandelbrot's design.

If you really like this movie you can download a high resolution version from here

Here is another interesting quote - this time from a moder spiritual teacher Elizabeth Clare Prophet "The study of geometry, which descends to us from Pythagoras, is a meditation on the harmony of the cosmic order, and it is a meditation upon music. If you meditate upon geometry instead of just learning it in a linear way, you can actually hear the music of the spheres, because the geometric forms will key the eye and the ear to the inner sound. Every line that you draw, have the carryover from the spiritual octaves to the physical .... So geometry, and mathematics and calculus, make the transition from the concrete to the non-concrete. It is one of the highest studies that anyone can pursue. In fact, whenever I study these fields I am so impressed by the scientific information that comes tumbling down from the higher octaves. And at one point as I was meditating on these areas, there was so much information coming, that I determined to direct my attention away from it because I realized that the world was not ready for that teaching; there was far too much power in the understanding of the universe. And there it is, very plainly and very simply there, for anyone who can make the attunement. "


On the right here's a 5 min movie of a well known Sacred Geometer and artist Charles Gilchrist explaining his take on Sacred Geometry.

It's truly wonderful how each person that is attracted to the study of Sacred Geometry comes to their own unique understanding of it's principles and their own insights into the universe's design!




"Know, oh, brother..., that the study of sensible geometry leads to skill in all
practical arts, while the study of intelligible geometry leads to skill in the
intellectual arts because this science is one of the gates through which we move to the knowledge of the essence of the soul,
and that is the root of all knowledge"

- From the Rasa'il by the Brotherhood of Purity, translated by S.H. Nasr.

It is no accident that the most important forms are also the simplest. As soon as space and time can be said to exist a pulsating wave form between polarities arises
and concentrically around its centre of gravity
the nesting of all other forms is implied.
This is the same as saying that from the number 1
all other numbers must logically follow.

The reason that sacred geometry is legitimately called 'sacred' is that it leads to contemplation of the Ultimate Source of all existence.
To see that all things are part of the infinitely complex pattern of the Whole, and that ones own mind, body, sensory apparatus, and capacity to understand anything at all -
are also constructed from these same archetypal patterns, is a truly spiritual experience.
Sacred Geometry is a truly multicultural, non-denominational, universally acceptable approach to spirituality which can provide a much needed common language for this world's diverse religious organisations.



The Toroidal Vortex or donut/smokering/magneticfield is the only stable 3 dimensional waveform.
It is the closest 3 dimensional analog to the 4 dimensional Hypersphere.
We suggest it is the shape of a single subatomic particle such as a photon of Light.
We suggest it is also the shape of the whole Universe, the visible portion of which
is a saddle shaped region towards the centre of the torus.

Space nor Time
are what we imagine
them to be.
You nor I,
nor this world
nor the mind,
are what we
think they are.
All Geometries
are Sacred,
born from
the One Centre,
all are contained
each within the other,
all life is
and all beings
are stars.

~Firebird ~

Angels or Devas are spiritual intelligences, 'aspects' or 'attributes'
of the Creative Source that bring divine conceptions into manifestation.

The language of the Angels is said to be composed not of sounds but
of geometries of 'light', or more accurately, electromagnetic energies.
It should not surprise us then to find that it is a common experience
for those immersed in contemplation of these forms
that information is being revealed, and a subtle process of communication
of spiritual insights is unfolding.

Modern science tells us that there is a particular molecular pattern
called deoxyribonucleic acid that encodes the blueprint
for the forms of most living beings on Earth.
The double helix structure of the DNA is dodecahedral -
and the Earth's energy grid is said to be likewise dodecahedral.
Interesting it is to contemplate that as we look out upon the universe
we perceive everywhere the same patterns that gave rise
to our ability to perceive patterns in the first place.
"The angels are so enamoured of the language that is spoken in heaven,
that they will not distort their lips with the hissing and unmusical dialects of men,
but speak their own, whether there be any who understand it or not."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

'Panspermia' - theory that life on earth was seeded from elsewhere. More online here

Sacred Geometry is relevant to scientists, many of whom are beginning to produce new technologies that come from an understanding of the fundamental forces and forms of the universe. It is relevant to artists as it gives them an understanding of the invisible beauty that is the foundation of the visible beauty. It is relevant to mystics as it is indeed the 'Language of the Angels' and in learning it they can begin to converse with the spiritual powers of the universe in a way which is hard to explain to those who do not have this direct experience. And for modern society Sacred Geometry is also relevant because of its relationship with our new technologies and its ability to provide solutions to our myriad conundrums that are threatening to destroy us.

We believe that a new art form is evolving on the internet. The technology of the personal computer and the software programs that are now available, are making possible a new way of communicating the essence of sacred geometry.
Harmonious colours and musical tones are both created by simple proportions of sinewaves. By animating geometries that are nested in relationship to each other,
calibrating their speed and colour, adding appropriate music,
and combining it all with multicultural archetypal symbols of divinity,
a new form of Art can be evolved that will accelerate the evolution of our species.
( See our Universal Yoga Mandala Poster for an example )

We have ripped and torn at the web of life on this planet to a large extent because of our inability to perceive the 'bigger picture'. Even our selfishness and greediness are dependent on a false sense of separation from the whole of which we are inextricably a part. Training in Sacred Geometry will fix all this and more... Addictions to self destructive behaviors are patterns in time. Patterns that draw their power from the core issues of human life such as survival, pleasure, food, sex, money, and power. Sacred Geometry puts us in contact with patterns that are even more essential than these - patterns imbued with the primary vibrations of existence, fresh from the lips of the One Whom neither God nor Goddess can name. It is only these patterns that can be used to reprogram our consciousness at the deepest levels.

The most 'sacred' geometries of all are spiritual geometries that exist in the forms of highly evolved living beings. The exploration of the brightest possibilities of consciousness, the revelation and embodiment of the most profound and coherent awareness as compassionate and ecstatic expressions of life - this is the Divine Geometer's most sublime creation.

It is also one of BirdTribes main goals to seed the web with geometry animations and popularise sacred geometry within the mass consciousness in a way that has never been done before.
We invite you to help us by
registering with BirdTribes One Earth Network
~ the world's most Beautiful and Cosmic online Community Portal ~
so that we can work together to bring the Gifts of the Angels to the Whirled.

by Dan Winter - (use the fullscreen link below)

Isnt it wonderful how much quality information and how many amazing tools are simply given away on the web these days?

Dan Winter is one of the worlds best know Sacred Geometer's (and a very sweet soul as well). He has been instrumental in bringing Sacred Geometry into the 20th and 21st centuries with his understanding of the electrical dynamics of nature. He has worked with bio-feedback and developed his own Heart Tuner technology with which to geometrically analyse emotion and vitatlity.

On the left here we have his book Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion. It may take you some time and effort to follow his profound insights into the nature of reality - but we are sure you will find it stimulating.

One of our favourite quotes from Dan Winter is "The universe can be described as a geometry of pressure. Geometry produces symmetry, which allows waves proceeding from opposite directions to meet each other and stand (to phase and phase-lock.) Standing waves give the illusion of stability, segregation of momentum, and make possible the birth of matter. Pressure occurs where waves meet.
Ratio is sacred; scale is profane. If the geometry of replication is embraced in a seed of any scale, ratio has the power. Size is unimportant where information is concerned, since
that information can travel to any scale via the wave guide, and be manifested. The universe is a hologram; even the tiniest part contains information about the whole."

A BirdTribes Creation ~
The Universal Yoga Mandala is a remarkable SacredGeometry artwork that combines multicultural archetypal symbols and a referance chart for integrating awareness of the 5 Elements into Yoga practice.

Around the outside of the main circle of the Mandala the planets are arranged as they will be on the December solstice in 2012. This provides an energetic link to the alignment of the cosmic geometries of that time. There is much more information about the UniversalYogaMandala at its own site here, and it is also available from the BirdTribe's One Earth Emporium.

Your purchase will help to further our work of Planetary Awakening.

Higher dimensional geometry is a huge subject in itself. In fact it is rarely mentioned as part of Sacred Geometry, and we feel this is simply because it is an advanced understanding of the nature of the universe tha most people are not ready for yet.
BirdTribes has a website that promotes our own 4th dimensional geometry symbol
the Time Traveller pendant at

You can find 2 dimensional drawings of the Hypercube in any Maths textbook.
You will also sometimes find 3 dimensional versions mentioned and diagrammed.
The TimeTraveller is a particularly symetrical 'projection' or 'shadow'
of the hypercube, and we have yet to discover any other documentation of it.
We offer it as a symbol for the understanding of the nature of space and time
and as an invocation of the ability to navigate between realities.

Your purchase will help to further our work of Planetary Awakening.

We also have a page on the Sacred Patterns website
dedicated to explaining the basics of 4 dimensional geometry
and demonstrating some of the concepts.
More Hyper Stuff

~ Our SacredGeometry Video Collection ~



"If the doors of perception were cleansed
every thing wouldappear to man as it is ~ infinite.
For man has closed himself up,
till he sees all things thro'
narrow chinks of his cavern."
William Blake