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The old ways are dying and a new age is being born.
The whole consciousness of the planet is being transformed.
Simply by your presence during this time of transition

are deeply involved,
and the form that the new cycle takes
may be very much influenced by your intention now.

There are prophecies from varied sources about the 22nd of December Solstice in 2012.
We believe the time between now and then is a realistic window of opportunity
in which to accomplish a very necessary shift in human consciousness.


lf you search the web you will find vast quantities of opinions about this date.
The major points of view seem to be these:
1) The Mayan civilisation had God-like powers of foresight and built into their calendar a profound understanding of this crisis that humanity is going though now. They understood the cycles of time that control our history and our planet.
2) A rough geometric alignment of the axial tilt of the Earth with the Sun and the center of our Galaxy will cause a major transformation of some kind. (Alternatively it is the Earth crossing the Galactic equator).
3) 'Novelty Theory' as proposed by Terrence McKenna predicts that the exponentially increasing rate of new ideas and technologies will 'go vertical'.
4) The next Sun Spot cycle will peak in 2012 and looks to be a doozey. We might even get fried. Or - the Earth's magnetic field and or axis are going to shift and cause massive volcanic activity and flooding.
5) a planet or comet will hit the Earth. Nostradamus predicted it.
6) Green men from another dimension will land on the White House lawn and initiate a new age of harmony under Galactic law.
7) The whole thing is just another millenial fever and nothing special will happen

Okay we admit we made up number 6, but it's really not so different from
some of the 'facts' about 2012 that we have heard.
Lets come back to reality for a moment - instead of trying to predict the future
let's look at what is going on now...

We do not speak too much about the prophecies themselves
as it is not our purpose to strengthen anyone's attachments
to thoughts about what is or is not 'Real' or 'True'.
Rather we would wish that through your use
of the imagery and information that we bring through
you may awaken to deeper experience of yourself,
and 'truer' understanding of the nature of personal identity, 'mind' and 'belief'.

We suggest that familiarity with the principles of what has been called 'sacred geometry'
will help to facilitate the process of transformation that is already happening.

Sacred Geometry
is a multi-cultural, non sectarian, universal approach to spirituality.
Training in the perception of basic underlying harmonic structures of spacetime
can help with discerning the 'big picture' of which we are all a part.
Most of the problems on this planet are caused by people's lack of ability to see the big picture,
beyond the illusion of separated identity,
and therefore they prioritize personal concerns over the good of the whole.
Knowledge of sacred geometry can help with this and far more.
It can be used to accelerate the awakening of your evolutionary potential.
Contemplation of the fundamental forms leads inevitably
to contemplation of the divine mystery of the origin of these forms
and the origin of the ability to perceive them.
This intensifies the inner holographic reflection of the totality
and builds the psychic potential energy neccesary for a quantum leap in consciousness.

Developments over the next few years will massively effect the long term future of this planet.
We believe that, as they did in the sixties, it is the artists and musicians
that will popularise a new vision of what can be, and blaze a path that the rest may follow.
In the sixties the 'revolution' was fueled by psychedelic drugs, new musical technologies,
and rebellion by the youth against the old repressive systems .
They were very interesting times, but we have an even greater opportunity now :-)
BirdTribes are committed to popularising a new movement
based on the use of Sacred Geometry in Art and Science,
and encouraging Non-Violent Communication and the Peaceful resolution of conflicts.
Though the nightmare of fear and greed still terrorises the world -
we hold high the vision that humanity may yet learn to live in harmony with the whole.

We invite you to visit us at the Community Portal and participate in the Forum
as there will be a dynamic online network gathering around the flowering of this work.