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Collection of Free Stuff

It really is amazing what you can get for free on the web these days!
Some of the things you will find on this page have been created by us for you,
and others we have selected as great products and are simply passing on from other generous sources. 

Please inform us if any of the links below are no longer working
or if the item is no longer being given away.

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Earth DanceSacred Geometry and Coherent EmotionSacred Geometry - Theory and PracticeThe UrText of 'A Course in Miracles'  - The Bhagavad Gita - Huff the Mystic Dragon - Coming soonPermaculture  Endless Satsang
 SaverNow - Zonerings -  Real Slick ScreenSavers
 Rainbow Spirit - Zeitgeist & Addendum - DeepestMandelbrotZoom

 LucilleSubliminal Messages,  Virtual Hypnotist
MemoriesOnTheWeb - Picasaweb
Xaos - ChaosPro - Fractint
7zip -  Video Player - VLC - FoxitPDF -  Word Web Thesaurus
Astrolog - AstroClock - Celestia - Google Earth
 Anti Virus - AVGAvira

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Google Chrome - Skype - BitTorrent - Filezilla - Flashplayer
Best web based email service - Google's Gmail
Online photo album hosting - Google PicasaFlickr 
Marketing Tools - Niche Analizer - 3D Box Maker

Video Distribution and tracking service - TubeMogul -
Compare your site in all browsers toolBrowserShots -
Analyse Internet Traffic for specific Keywords - Google Keywords Tool
Analyse traffic on your own website - Google analytics
Open any file safely - SandBoxie

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BirdTribes is run as a free service to the planet. We have plans for being self supporting and more but for the time being we do request your help in order to do our work properly! If you like what we do you can help out in various ways.
Most importantly you can join the One Earth Community and contribute content through your homepage, the Videozone, the Forum, etc. If you wish to become involved in the ongoing creation and management of these sites please contact us.
You can also make a donation below, or purchase from our One Earth Emporium where you will find interesting items ranging from sacred geometry artworks and rainbow music to website design, hosting, and promoting services.