This flag is offered absolutely for free, as a symbol promoting universal multicultural spirituality in cyberspace.
Think of it as a window into another realm of existence where it is possible to bring anything imaginable into manifestation.

At the bottom of this page you will find instructions for setting up the flag on your site

The Bird is the archetypal symbol for the soul and its freedom from the limitations of the material world.
The 'atom/star/heart represents the union of the 3 worlds - microcosm/macrocosm/mesocosm.
The Angel is Messenger who brings the vision of Peace to a troubled world.
The Earth is circled by the magical words
One Earth, One Heart
One Neo Eon, Hear The Art.
  ( The Bird, the Heart, the Angel, and The ONE EARTH text
are all copyright to the BirdTribesNetwork
to protect them from mis-use )

There is more info about the symbology on the site.

IMPORTANT - It is necessary to have the latest free flashplayer installed
for your browser in order to see flash movies!
Please provide your visitors with a link beneath the movie like this one below
If you cannot see the flash movie above please download the latest version of the free flashplayer

The flag is free to use on any website dedicated to Peaceful purposes.
We only ask that it is not modified and request that somewhere on the page
you provide a link back to and note that it can be downloaded for free.
to email us the address of the page you put it on
and we will add a link on the BirdTribes site to all sites displaying the Peace flag.
We will be improving the movie ocassionally and will email you when it is updated
so that you can download the latest version if you wish.
The white bird on the lower left of the movie is also a link back to the BirdTribes site.
You will notice that anywhere else on the movie the birds respond to the left mouse button being held down.

The movie consists of three swf files included in the zip file. Only the movie file - flagOfPeaceLoader.swf -
is to be placed on your webpage.
(IMPORTANT) But all 3 files must be in the same directory as the html page you put the movie on
or the Angel and the Earth will not appear
The movie is naturally in the proportions of 4width to 3height
which is the same as most computer screens, ie 800x600 or 1024x768.
This provides a nice resonance or fractality between the movie and the computer screen
and the Pythagorean triangle of 3:4:5
The movie will play quite well full screen size on a reasonably fast machine,
but for slower machines smaller is better.

The movie is about 368kb including the Angel and the Earth
but it will 'stream' and begin playing when the first 100kb have downloaded.
Still, if you are concerned with the speed of your page loading ...
perhaps there should not be many other large graphics on the same page.
(Please note Macs do not play flash files quite as efficiently as PCs
and it will play a bit slower when viewed on a mac of the same cpu speed)

Please visit   and check out the other cool
sacred geometry animations and the AbundanceSystem.

Thank you for supporting Art dedicated to CoCreating Peace on Earth.



Unzip the files and place all 4 of them together in a directory of your website
(3 x swf files and 1 x html page)

May Peace Prevail On Earth