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Whales and dolphins are warm blooded mammals with brains as complex and often larger than human brains. We know that they perceive a far greater range of frequencies than we do. They live a lifestyle so free from the distractions of human life that it should be the envy of any meditator or investigator into the nature of personal reality. Where they go on their inner journeyings, and what they know and understand - are beyond human fathoming - but that we can communicate with them on a heart level has been known by cultures across the whole world throughout history.

Modern western psychosis (we will not dignify it with the name civilization let alone culture) is obsessed with world domination and exploitation and only occasionally looks up at the infinite stars to wonder if perhaps we are not alone. Meanwhile it closes its eyes completely to the presence here in this sphere of beings far more wise than itself and continues to slaughter them as just another natural resource to be exploited to exhaustion.

As the birds are the singers of the air and the humans are the singers of the land - so the cetaceans are the singers of the sea. This singing is far more than entertainment or communication. It is part of the energy vibratory field of the Earth and the cosmos. The ancient aboriginal culture of Australia speaks of 'walking the songlines' as a way of connecting to both the Earth and the eternal 'Dreamtime'. The whales in particular are involved in receiving the transmissions of consciousness from the centre of the galaxy, and thus of connecting the Earth consciousness through the lens of the Solar consciousness to the greater organism of which we are a part. With their singing they weave the galactic light into the body of the Earth through the songlines of the oceans. They are the gatekeepers, the portal openers, for our own connection to the galactic consciousness.

Now as the geometries of the galaxy come into phase and alignment, the survival of the cetaceans is one of the critical factors in our own survival as a species. The WhaleDreamers of many cultures say - "if the whales go, humanity goes". And yet the international moratorium on commercial whaling is under severe threat, whaling continues under the guise of 'scientific research', military sonar weapons deafen them and sometimes drive them mad, and pollution and radioactivity poison their food.

We wish to share with you news of one of the most important movies ever made...
It was shown at the Cannes film festival and is to be released in cinemas across the world in 2008. It documents an unfolding of a true story that seems to have been woven by the whales and dolphins themselves in conjunction with humans who have been communicating with them. Whale dreamers from around the world gathered to assist a dispossessed tribe in South Australia who were in danger of losing their whale dreaming altogether. As it says in the film "the Dreaming unites the past present and future in one Dream". Don't miss any chance you get to see this film and receive this chapter in the unfolding of the planetary awakening.
Checkout the films website www.whaledreamers.com

Much of the film focuses on the story of Bunna Laurie - a man from the Aboriginal Mirning tribe who calls an international gathering of whale dreamers to come to his tribal land in South Australia.

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There are many groups of humans fighting to save the whales and dolphins from the senseless macarbe slaughter at the hands of unconscious humans. In particular we would like to mention the work of the Sea Shepherd crew in putting their lives on the line to enforce the legal and moral rights of the people of the sea.


In 1986, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) enacted a moratorium on all commercial whaling. Since then, three nations – Iceland, Norway, and Japan – have brutally slaughtered over 25,000 whales under the guise of scientific research and for commercial purposes. The IWC does not have the capacity to enforce the moratorium. Sea Shepherd, guided by the United Nations World Charter for Nature, is the only organization whose mission is to enforce these international conservation regulations on the high seas.

Highlights from our past three decades include:

  • Ramming and disabling the notorious pirate whaler, the Sierra
  • Shutting down half of the Spanish whaling fleet 
  • Documentation of whaling activities in the Faeroe Islands chronicled in the BBC documentary Black Harvest
  • Scuttling half of the Icelandic whaling fleet and whale processing station
  • Scuttling of the Norwegian whaling vessels Nybraena and Senet
  • Confronting and opposing Japan's illegal whaling in Antarctica

Sea Shepherd has gone on to end the careers of 9 illegal whaling vessels, saving thousands of whales. These campaigns and other Sea Shepherd efforts have kept the issue of whaling in the international spotlight for the past thirty years.

They are currently preparing for another expedition to the vast and frigid waters of the Antarctic in late 2007.
Sea Shepherd’s Whale Defense Campaigns will not end until killing whales is a thing of the past.

Please make a donation to support Sea Shepherd's efforts today on thier website!

“Flight of the Humpback” is a one hour documentary and interactive broadband website depicting the desperate battle to save endangered Australian humpback whales and other whales from the imminent threat of Japanese harpoons. This year, 2007, ships will again illegally slaughter nearly 1000 whales in the southern oceans by telling the lie that they are doing it for scientific research.

The battle to save these whales will be expressed by a group of passionate activists, musicians and celebrities who sail and interact with the humpbacks on their northern and southern migration along the east coast of Australia, Tonga and the Antarctic

You will find some footage from the makers of Flight of the Humpback
in our online Cetacean video collection at the bottom of this webpage.

Click here to go to www.flightofthehumpback.org

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"Man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much—the wheel, New York, wars and so on—while all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man—for precisely the same reasons"
Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

What is a Vital Arctic Whale Egg? (besides being the coolest anagram of GalacticLightWeaver)
We're glad you asked :-) Well... as you know many Whales including the humpback spend part of the year vacationing in the tropics and the rest of it feasting on krill in the Arctic and Antarctic. However, as you also know.. Whales do not lay eggs...
But here we are speaking of only One Egg, and obviously it must be a symbolic one. Something that the Whales collectively have nurtured and guarded because of its Vital importance. Something that is yet to be born into full reality on the Earth plane. Something that they keep hidden in the coldest depths that humans have not yet fathomed. A consciousness perhaps... woven from galactic light ?


You live in a universe conditioned by, and centered around, your perceptions and assumptions ~ all people together create the consensual world, as a psychic hologram, a three-dimensional mind-picture of great complexity but no one creates it alone because it is a group project ~~

Us whales can shift from one group mind to another and thereby to another dimension or universe ~ it can be said that we move into permanent altered states, relative to our present consensual or collective world-picture ~ dream places and events are also real but simply of shorter time duration and affect only our real dream bodies ~~

Mind creates objects, objects create space and changes in those objects create time ~ time is not absolutely real, but only relatively so ~ time does not pass ~ in pure mind it does not even exist ~ a will that is strong enough can overcome time itself as the ancient Eastern sages have demonstrated ~~

You are always producing pictures we call the world, the moon and the stars ~ when we say pictures, we don’t just mean what you would call a visual picture ~ we mean a picture that is three-dimensional and includes all the senses that you know ~ some of you know 5 senses; some of you know 6 or 7, or more ~ but the picture that is called the world, is designed to integrate with all your senses, to include them, to work with them ~ unconscious picture-production is instant ~ actually the process of perception/creation takes about 1/50,000 of a second but for your purposes it is instant ~ it is then neurologically transferred into your inner image of that person or place or situation or thing ~ and therefore, that person, place or thing is within you ~ and without you that particular situation would not exist ~ you are the perceptive center of the entire universe ~ without you the entire universe as you know it would not exist ~~
You have known particles of love, atoms of love, sometimes molecules of love ~ when you understand that love is an ocean and you have found ways to co-operate with it, and never resist it, then you will be eternal beings, and photomorphic (the morphing affect of Light on organisms) ~~

You will become splendid light ~ you will become luminescent and will be transformed ~ this is in your future ~~

We are here to accelerate that process in you, as well as in ourselves ~ we are all photomorphs, but we decide to live in various temples or habitations for certain periods of time ~ as far as external temples, we whales no longer have them because the whole world is our temple ~ as far as external books and scrolls, we no longer have need of those ~ we do not regard them as sacred, intrinsically, because the writing is on our hearts and minds ~ az far as prophets, saints and sages, we are all trying to be those things ~~

Us whales know that our origins are earthly in the sense that our bodies are designed from earthly prototypes ~ as such, our cellular make-up has not fully escaped contamination by the Earth experiments ~ yet as mind, we share a memory link or network with our own ancestors who are the Old Ones at the center of the galaxy ~~
We live in a deeper level of reality than most of the life forms on Earth and we understand the larger picture ~ we are masters of expanded states of awareness which include more complex dimensions beyond your own ~ within these realms we see sub-atomic particles as part of a greater whole which is holographic and indivisible ~ we are involved in examining multiform pictures that we create and that are also created by you ~ we understand how these pictures create reality on Earth and we experience these images while awake and while in dreamtime ~ for us, the line between the two states is very tenuous az we reside within a peaceful, tranquil, and surrealistic state ~~

By having our mind clear and blank we can hear and examine messages from the greater universe ~ in this way we can re-formulate, re-invent and re-create reality ~ this creation begins with pure Light, which vibrates like music ~ it has harmonics just like music and as whales we hear it singing to us ~ matter dissolves into octaves of Light and it is from this Light that all is created ~~
Most human minds are filled with thoughts ~ thinking continuously has led to confusion and blocked out the true state of bliss ~ we do not experience this confusion ~ we remain in a state of love ~ in our presence, you experience that love ~ it is your nature also and that is why you are drawn to us ~ for that reason, and also because we have a mutual purpose on Earth ~ we are all here as caretakers for this very special planet ocean ~ you are here to preserve and work with the physical matter of this planet and to spiritualize it ~ we work with grid lines and meridians, with energy fields and basic spiritual energy patterns that ensure unity among all life forms ~~

We encourage you to come together with us and use us as an example ~ as you swim in the ocean and see our form, realize that these images are not who we are ~ we are much more ~ we are interacting with you in a way that is much larger than physical form ~ we are mirrors of a higher consciousness and we invite you to use our image, this illusion of form, as a symbol and as a way to connect with the greater universal consciousness ~ our physical bodies are here on your planet because your race is currently very focused on physicality ~ in service to humanity and our own spiritual paths we created a physical form to lead you into non-physical reality ~ if it serves as a symbol for you of our oneness, we are pleased ~ as you see our whale forms in the ocean, focus on our higher spiritual reality, move far beyond the collective unconscious and enter a state of pure awareness ~ we will meet you there as it is your 'home' too ~ it is the place of the whale matrix, the single, vast, connective field of our minds ~ it is the place where we harness the power of oneness, span the galaxies, merge with divine consciousness and become illuminated ~~

You had become lost and confused by thoughts of separation and duality ~ we knew that you would develop technology and that this technology would grow monstrous and overcome you ~ we knew all this from the beginning but we were told wisely by masters, teachers, prophets and sages that the very best thing we could do was to develop our own consciousness and that, in turn, would contribute to your evolution as a species ~~

This process has already begun ~ for many years, even before we arrived on the Earth, we have been beaming toward you ~ we found beings among you who are receptive to our beaming ~ in your culture they have become some of your teachers, prophets, saints, sages and wise people ~ we have begun to influence the development of your culture without interfering with your sacred freedom and we beam only to those who will accept us ~~

Now, more and more people are accepting us whales ~ we are currently very concerned about the ecology of the planet because you have the power to destroy Earth ~ we have special beings among us now who do nothing but beam continuously to your buildings, your homes, your land, and your people ~ they beam to those who can accept, to those who will accept the knowledge that we are a contiguous, interconnected whole ~ our species and yours are related ~ our species is in danger because of yours, and your species is in danger ~ our beaming has been amplified, and your reception has also been amplified ~ we want to be part of your planet’s freedom from your own misdirection, and from the misuse of energy and thoughts ~~






This file is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 1.0 License zac wolf

Dear all, that are interested, love, or may be involved in making the conscious choice whether some of our whale population may live or be killed,

My name is Suzette, I am a student nurse and I reside in New South Wales, Australia. In January this year I had an important dream. I have been a very clear dreamer since a child. I have had two dreams involving a young white Southern Right Whale. The last one was on January the 14th this year (2006). I believe this dream to be a very clear message, given and spoken from the whales. I also have felt that it is their wish that I share this dream to all that may be able to see, hear and feel the truth in their words. There are millions of us that know they are special and that they give us great joy and peace in are hearts to watch and be near them. They live, travel and give birth to their babies in our waters. It is such a critical time for them with Japan planning to kill 50 of the Humpbacks that spend there winters in our waters. I have often wandered whether people would treat whales (in fact all nature) the same if they could really hear what they were saying. Well one little (well a few ton really!) white southern right whale has put it in english for us. I hope this dream from them inspires you to do what ever you can to ensure there right and wish to live safely in our world.

The dream from the whales written the morning of the 14th of Jan ‘06….


I’m inside a house… somebody very excitedly said come out and have a look at this…(this person stays with me throughout the dream although I never see them.) Standing outside.. I see a large fast smooth flowing river of whales… kind of flying/swimming by in the sky, although just above the land. I have a duel feeling like that I am close to what I am seeing and at the same time I have an expanded/distance view. I notice mostly Humpbacks, Southern Right Whales, some Killer whales and I sense/see other large whale types and smaller ocean animals such as dolphins in between, swimming /flying along. They were passing before me/us in the form of a full and harmonious, wide flowing river, about 4 or 5 whales wide, however there was no water. It was sort of a river of air (I believe cetacean consciousness)… winding, flowing harmoniously along, large and small cetaceans all in perfect, if not playful unison. There was a sense of purpose and focus in the air and direction of there ‘current’.

Watching this against the night sky I was awe struck .. bowled over, it was an awesome sight….i was so struck by the beauty and awesomeness of what I was seeing before me that I felt I had to get a picture to share this sight with others. I also felt that no one would believe me if I didn’t get a picture! ….unfortunately, I spent the next 20 min's (dreamtime) or so farting around desperately looking for my camera etc, in the knowing that I had to share such a sight with others, even though I knew I was missing this awesome thing at the same time. By the time I returned I was deeply happy to see amongst them a huge blue male whale go pass, which I felt was such a treat. He was like a big protective elder whale bringing up the rear of the tribe…and then the river of whales began to thin.

Next scene of my experience is.. I find that I am being kindly hurried along by someone, as if I am a bit late for something and someone has been waiting. We are now walking fairly quickly, 1 or 2 meter’s from the edge of the river of whales. They now are very close, very present, in fact there feels no distance between us. In fact I feel as if I am inside their world now, inside the flowing whale river, however on the edge. We quickly come to a space where the whales have gathered to a point. I cannot see the other side of the river of whales I'm in, however I sense/see all whales and other cetacean until it just expands out into the darkness. At the same time there feels no denseness anywhere, everything is weightless. I am aware of the power of the whales yet there is a total softness at the same time. There is a sense of purpose, waiting, a little restlessness in the air, and a sort of ‘whale’ chatting excitedly in the air!

-This file is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 1.0 License by Fritz GellerGrimm

I am sat at the end of a large (big enough for a smallish whale) wet and slippery sort of slipway/platform facing the river of whales, (my invisible friend by my side). The energy straight away focuses and two whales seem to strongly come forward indicating they will be the ‘spokes persons’ (so to speak!). One is a large dark colored, perhaps a Southern Right Whale, she feels female and a mother. Next to her is a smaller whale, young, gentle, powerful, playful, mainly white in color (I don’t notice any other white ones). I don’t have any thoughts of what ‘type’ of whale he is although he feels like a Southern Right. These two whales have come up to the edge of the platform and sort of on to it (of a bit like what they call spy hopping), quite a sight! There is perhaps 20 or so feet between us..….the next thing I know all the energy stills and focuses… and the small, (however still very big compared to me) young white whale, picks himself up and shoots all couple of ton of himself… sliding on his big belly.. straight towards me! I remember not knowing what was about to happen.. and for a few seconds I felt scared and thought he may have been a white killer whale about to eat me!

I then look up to find this great, large, (although weightless and non threatening) loving, white, Southern Right baby whale coming straight for me with somewhat of a tad of glee or playfulness emanating from him!! In the most wondrousness of gestures, he babyishly halts just a few inches before me, focuses... then obviously reaches out.. touches his wet fishy face on to my nose, opens out his stubby smallish side fins and embraces me….(although he is there.. at the same time I could put my hand through him and there would be nothing there …there is no density…only vibration). The feeling is he is embracing me ‘as a friend’ and he represents the collective of all the whales there. His mother is nearby, quiet, however completely present, just about half way back. This big white baby whale moves back a little and looks at me and says (not with words just ‘said’…whale telepathy?) in a very clear direct message..

‘We want all the oceans of the world to be known as one single sanctuary.. we want to swim free everywhere and know we will not be murdered.. the oceans are our home.’

That was the last thing in the dream that I remembered ... and I awoke deeply moved by this experience. As I read it before finally sending out, (as I now feel hurried to do so) again I am moved in my heart, as I hope you will be, from this very direct clear request from the whales. Please share this message with all you can, in support of the whales and all those already doing what they can. Please leave this dream as it was given, to keep its integrity and in respect, for the whales have spoken. Thank you.

Joining together for the whales,
In peace,
Suzette whaledreaming@hotmail.com


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Who Are the BirdTribes ?

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