We are
the Many
Who come
to be with you
at the Time
when all doors
open to
the Light
and all paths
to the centre
of the



~ My name is ~
Golden Satrbird



We are
through the
Solar Gateway
into this Circle
the Resonant
with which
to activate
the next
cycle of


~ 20 : 13 ~

It is a fundamental propensity of consciousness to perceive itself reflected in all things. Therefore all things are mirrors in some sense. When one turns to contemplate the cosmos and its magnificence, one gazes into one of the deepest and most beautiful mirrors of them all - and it is no easy matter to say what one has perceived there, or to separate the true reflection from the imperfections of the glass.

Human beings love prophecies... have you noticed? Your history is full of them. Every politician and priest wants to sell you their version of the future. Why? Because whilst you are aware of your own uncertainty as to what is and what shall be, you still believe that someone wiser than yourself can lead you safely out of the anxiety you feel. Therefore you cling to every promise like blind listening to stories of the light that is all around you.

Speaking of the future... no doubt you have heard many things about the 21st of December 2012? That it is the end of a Mayan Calendar system? That it is prophecied to be the end of the world as you know it? That it is the climax of a 26,000 year cycle of the Galaxy, the Sun, and the Earth? That the Earth's poles will shift, and/or the Sun will explode, and/or a comet or rogue planet will collide with the Earth? And perhaps even... that on this date the curve of the exponentially accelerating rate of change in your technology (and your experience of what it means to be human)... will 'go vertical' - whatever that might mean?

Some of these claims may be true or partially true, and some of them may be overly simplistic or naive, and simply wishful dreaming. Whatever you believe about this time though pause for a moment in your beliving - Golden StarBird has a Message for you - one that you have probably not yet encountered for it comes from the farthest galaxies and arrives only in this moment now!

The longer a human being focusses their attention on a particular thoughtform the more the concept or idea tends to be energised by being enveloped in the living flame of the human soul. It naturally begins to glow and take on an apparent life of its own, revealing deeper unexpected aspects of its meaning and relevance. So then - when humanity focusses its collective attention on a particular idea... what might the effect be of billions of soul flames igniting a single vision within the field of time?

To understand what we have to say about 2012 it would very much help if you integrate the other information that is presented here on the BirdTribes site. The nature of the 2012 event cannot be understood separate from the context of your reality or worldview. It would very much help if you integrate the information we present on our pages about the Rainbow Tribe prophecies, Sacred Geometry, Native Wisdom, Love, the Story of the Warrior Tribes, Sustainability and Peace.. We trust you will find that there is much of interest and value to you on these pages. We are fairy certain that when you read them you will understand why we have said that this is necessary.

More to come soon ...